Shave Off Thousands of Dollars Mortgage Interest with Early Payment

It's funny. People spend so much time looking for credit cards that offer low interest rates to save money, and then sign a twenty or thirty year mortgage. What's the point? A twenty or thirty year mortgage will add, in the end, tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the amount you actually bought your house for. Instead of agreeing to the mortgage quote you received from your lender, why not opt to pay extra on your monthly mortgage payments and save that money for something more fun instead?

The average homeowner opts for a twenty, twenty-five or thirty year mortgage in order to keep monthly house payments at a manageable limit. Then, they continue to enjoy spending money on entertainment, clothing, eating out, travel, and golf, spa or hair or manicure or pedicure treatments. Why not just cut back on all that and opt for a ten-year mortgage quote instead? Then, by paying a little extra each month, even as little as $100, and you can literally pay off your mortgage in less than five years.

Most people receive a mortgage quote and thinks it's set in stone. Even more people believe it is impossible to pay off a mortgage early. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? And yet, more homeowners are using this very basic strategy to pay off their homes early and are enjoying mortgage free living. Such a concept isn't just for the rich and famous. It's for the average folk as well, and people who have a handle on their financial situation and a little determination can be way ahead of the game than most of their neighbors just by sitting down and taking stock of where all the extra money goes.

One way to find out how much extra money is spent every month is to keep all non- house expenditure receipts in a jar for one month or even two. Then, get your calculator and a pad of paper and list where all that money goes, from groceries to clothes to the extras like golf, beer, cigarettes, spa treatments, car accessories, and dining out and entertainment. Your jaw will most likely drop when you see how much extra money is spent on these items, and many more, on a monthly basis.

By cutting back, you can put that money into making extra payments on your monthly mortgage quote. Even one extra payment a year will save you thousands in interest payment fees. Many people don't realize that you don't have to make double house payments to achieve this kind of mortgage free living endeavor. Paying just $100 extra a month will do it, and who can't find an extra $25 a week if you really try? You don't have to live in a tent to be mortgage free. Take the time to figure out your finances Carefully look where your money is going every month and you'll more than likely find places where you can cut back.

This doesn't mean not enjoying life, either. You can budget for your fun, but do be aware that you'll have to cut back on the number of times you go out, or decide between two things which you want the most. Paying off a mortgage will offer you so much more money to enjoy life in a few years, and so determination and drive will be a big part in paying off any mortgage ahead of time. But think of the freedom! Think of the possibility of not having that mortgage chain hanging over your every month! Sounds great, doesn't it? And it's not impossible, not if you're willing to plan carefully and curtail spending.

More people today are opting to pay off homes early in order to enjoy retirement, to travel or to just plain enjoy life for a change. Get off the grindstone and enjoy stress free and mortgage free living. All you need to start is a calculator, play with your mortgage quote numbers for a while, and the gumption to sit down and decipher your living expenses and then go from there. What have you got to lose? Not much. What do you have to gain? Everything! Including a home, free and clear, and the pride of living mortgage free.

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